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Pre-shift was the highlight of my day for the entirety of my restaurant operations career. 

Whether I was leading it or attending it, those minutes before service when we all came together to name a shared vision for the evening, talk about what it looks like to get 1% better than the day before, celebrate the meaningful moments we’d co-created with our guests and each other, and anticipate where things might get sticky or weird over the night to come felt cathartic and deeply connecting.  

If trust is the heart of a high-performing team, pre-shift was my main artery.

As a leadership coach for hospitality people, I no longer host this sacred gathering in the middle of a dining room or around the bar top. Now, my partner Kimberly and I host it here. This blog and our newsletter (sign up below) is a space we’ve carved out for values-based hospitality leaders to gather round to receive heartfelt connection, mutual support, and expert guidance as we all reach for growth we can see and feel.

Leadership can be a profoundly lonely place, and we hope that by welcoming us into your inbox and joining this virtual huddle, you feel like you’ve got a pair of wise big sisters (who happen to be restaurant whisperers!) and a community of like-minded hospitality people walking with you.

Welcome to Pre-shift, a blog for hospitality people. We’re so grateful you’re here.



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Can we have Healthy Boundaries at Work if the Guest is Always Right?! Nov 21, 2023

Have you thought or said anything that sounds like this recently?

  • “I’ve wanted to fire this manager for 3 months, but I haven’t had a single conversation with her about her performance, so I keep kicking the can down the road.”
  • “Showing up 15 minutes late suddenly...
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How to Write a Business Plan for a Restaurant You Won’t Regret or Resent 10 Years from Now Oct 31, 2023


Our profession was one of the hardest hit by Covid. During the pandemic, restaurants did whatever they needed to do to survive, and that was exactly right. It was exhausting, frustrating, scary, and...

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Hospitality Burnout: The #1 Reason Restaurant Leaders are Leaving the Hospitality Industry (Part 1) Sep 23, 2023

Photo Courtesy of Spoon and Stable, captured by Bonjwing Lee


If you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, physically depleted, detached from yourself, and notably disconnected from any sense of meaning in your work and your life, you’re likely experiencing...

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Leadership Burnout in Hospitality: 5 Ways to Retain Restaurant Leaders (Part 2) Sep 23, 2023

Photo captured by Libby Anderson

In most professions, if someone quits, you push a deadline back, you reschedule the presentation, you do what you need to do to make changes without compromising the end product. In the restaurant industry, the show must go on no matter what, and missing a beat...

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