Hospitality Leadership Development

"Leadership is choosing courage over comfort."
Dr. Brené Brown

We agree.

In Dr. Brown’s seminal work on daring leadership, her studies reveal that the single most valuable quality a leader must possess to be effective is courage. The courage to lead!

In our 6-month Leadership Development Program, we walk with you 1-on-1 as you develop the grounded confidence and courageous communication skills no one in our industry ever taught you.

We invite you to kick imposter syndrome to the curb and step into your integrity as a hospitality leader by studying, practicing, and modeling the principles and daily habits required to bravely lead yourself, your business, your team, and your community with purpose.

This is life-changing hospitality leadership coaching for people seeking harmony in their work life and their whole life.

This is how you learn to reframe your fears, stop self-doubting, trust your decisions, and become an example of what's possible in our shared profession.

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Our aim in this work is to guide you in developing a ritualized commitment to self-coaching that results in deep personal and professional transformation...and works us right out of a job!

Upon graduating from our program, our goal is for you to step into your shoes as your own best coach, no longer needing us or our weekly sessions to clarify your vision, craft an action plan to achieve it, or create your desired results.

You will let go of comparative suffering and scarcity thoughts, get over overwhelm, stop blaming your team, your business, or yourself for feeling out of control, and cultivate the courage to lead the life you most want to live. 

And here's the good news...




As leaders of the lives we conduct,
the businesses we run,
the teams we build,
and the communities we serve,
it is our responsibility to pursue mastery.

But if your experience is anything like ours, you were never taught to lead.


You went from perfecting knife skills or bottle suggestions to suddenly leading the kitchen or service staff who do that work. 


We know what happens to leaders who weren't adequately trained to cultivate their leadership.


They give chefs and our industry a bad name!

They use command & control tactics that create endless turnover, people-please to the point of exhaustion, lose relationships, gain addictions, burnout, or feel so stuck they drop out of the industry. 

We have another, better idea...




In our 6-month Leadership Development Program, we hold space for you to learn how to manage your mind & master your hospitality leadership habits so you can MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN.

Whether you have crystal clear clarity on the personal and professional goals you're reaching toward and are seeking experienced accountability partnership to get you there, or if you feel stuck and altogether unclear on what it would take to imbue your work and life with more meaning, we provide 1-on-1 coaching from hospitality leaders who have walked in your shoes, for hospitality leaders itching to live and lead authentically.


Past clients have used this coaching program to hone their hospitality leadership skills and navigate situations as wide ranging as:

¬ę Recovering from Burnout, Overwhelm, or Chronic Anxiety¬†¬Ľ
¬ę¬†Setting Boundaries¬†¬Ľ
¬ę¬†Changing Professions¬†¬Ľ
Taking their 1st Vacation in 10 Years ¬Ľ
Getting 10 Hours of time back Each Week to¬†Deepen Relationships¬†¬Ľ

¬ę¬†Starting & Ending Relationships¬†¬Ľ
¬†Buying & Selling Restaurants¬†¬Ľ
Stepping back from Toxic Patterns to rise above Workplace Drama¬†¬Ľ
Healing Addictive Behaviors ¬Ľ
Building Healthy Habits ¬Ľ

Everything is on the table!
Here's how our hospitality leadership development works:

Coaching is not just for corporate executives and professional athletes‚ÄĒit's for you too.
You deserve experienced support whether you're just starting out in the industry and haven't made your mark yet, or if you're a celebrated chef with a 7-figure restaurant group. This work is
 for all hospitality leaders in pursuit of cultivating sustainable lives and livelihoods.

It is not for folks looking for a quick fix who aren't willing to seriously commit to 6 months of habit training and homework. Your coach will witness your journey and help you stay accountable every step of the way, but you have to invest in doing your work to see results.

1-on-1 life and leadership coaching for hospitality professionals, from hospitality professionals
who have stood where you are today and have leveled up to gain the coach training, the F&B experience, and the industry respect needed to guide you toward where you want to go tomorrow 

We meet virtually over Zoom

6-month training program meets 3 times per month for 75 minutes each session
plus email support between sessions

We're here to help you lead. 
We know how lonely and exhausted you are in this business, and we're eager to welcome you into a dedicated space for creating and fostering conscious leadership.

We train hospitality folks how to shift their way out of burnout and into peak performance,
by asking better questions and using industry-tested strategies, proven tools, and personal mastery techniques learned from our teachers at Growing Edge Facilitation, The Conscious Leadership Group, and The Life Coach School, combined with insights from over 20+ years in the hospitality industry.

We teach you how to access more happiness, connection, and meaning by crafting a crystal clear vision for your life that is grounded in personal and professional purpose, and then we work together to develop the daily practices needed to live into and out of that purpose. Upon program completion, the goal is for you to feel empowered to raise the bar in leading your team, your business, and your whole life forward with intention and without on-going weekly coaching.

Our curriculum focuses on 7 areas of development:
¬ę Personal Mastery¬†¬Ľ
¬ę Self-Coaching¬†¬Ľ
¬ę Emotional Well-Being¬†¬Ľ
¬ę Relationship¬†¬Ľ
¬ę Leadership¬†¬Ľ
¬ę Vision Planning¬†¬Ľ
¬ę Sustainability¬†¬Ľ


There is no map
for successfully leading a life, a team, or a business. 

But, there is a compass...and it points true north!





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"On a professional level, I entered this program at one of my lowest and least confident points; very burnt out, feeling like I didn't know how to effectively lead, feeling fairly imprisoned by my work, and feeling very unsure about my path forward. This program not only helped me regain my footing as the owner of my company, but more importantly, reframe how I look at what I do for a living through the broader lens of 'what kind of life do I want to live, and how does my work fit into and support that vision?' I don't have all the answers yet, but this program made me feel equipped to get quiet, listen to, and trust myself as I seek them out."
Sarah Enrico, Owner, Food Gallery Catering, Minneapolis
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The Importance of Hospitality Leadership

We got into this business because we believe in
the deeply humanizing and nurturing power of hospitality.

Whether you're looking for personalized support growing your leadership skills and expanding your life through our Hospitality Leadership Development Program, or you’re using our How to Open a Restaurant Toolkit to launch a profitable, purpose-driven restaurant, or you’ve already got a business and you’re looking for experienced support improving and growing it in our Hospitality Business Development Program, Salt & Roe exists to be of service to you.

We’re in your corner as you use your vision and voice to make the world a more connected place.
We know how important your business is (or will be!) to the lives it touches, and we also know how hard it is to navigate leadership in our industry. We’ve been there, we made shift happen in our own lives inside and outside of work, and we’d be so grateful to walk alongside you as you navigate this complex, beautiful profession we call home.

We've been called wise big sisters and restaurant whisperers. 
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