Making the world a more connected place,
one hospitality leader at a time.
At Salt & Roe, we partner with values-based hospitality leaders
hungry for guidance, growth, and tools to craft crystal-clear visions
for creating consistent and sustainable success
in their lives, teams, and F&B businesses.
 We offer 3 restaurant growth services...


Salt & Roe offers one-on-one coaching for
hospitality leaders who feel stuck, burnt-out, or unclear about what their future holds
and are looking for experienced
thought partnership to build
high performance habits and bring
more meaning to their lives

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How to Open
a Restaurant

Salt & Roe offers a DIY coaching toolkit
available for immediate download
for restaurateurs seeking to develop and open irresistible hospitality concepts that generate prosperity and purpose for the creators, teams, guests, and
communities they serve.

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Salt & Roe offers group coaching for F&B business owners and their leadership teams looking
for a personalized growth strategy to expand operations or open new concepts, turn around team morale, improve guest experience, develop a hospitality strategy, and create long term sustainability.

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The Ultimate Guide
to Restaurant Funding


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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Work

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I had the distinct pleasure of working with Alison in two different restaurants with very different styles of service and guest expectations. In both cases she brought forth her considerable experience and high standards to help us improve in all areas of our program. Her methods and organizational ability are exceptional, her observations are insightful, her materials impeccable and her demeanor disarming in situations which can sometimes be challenging for consultants. There is huge value to Salt & Roe's services and I recommend them without reservation.


‚ÄĒ Traci Des Jardins, Chef-Owner, TDJ Restaurants, San Francisco

You won't see results overnight, but you will be amazed at how far you've come after you commit to your desired outcomes and make small impactful changes over a specific amount of time in Salt & Roe's Leadership Development Program. It's about playing the long game. Why put off tomorrow when you can start today?


- Ann Kim, Owner, Vestalia Hospitality, Minneapolis

Salt & Roe's Leadership Development Program is a masterclass in leadership (and life) that comes at the practice from so many relevant perspectives. The concepts and exercises within the program provide a vital tool box you'll come back to over and over again; the nuggets of truth you surface with your coach will expand your self-awareness and anchor you in practices that keep you shifting toward your own power (which feels fucking good). I can draw straight lines from what I learned in this program to actions I took that had a positive impact on myself, my team, and the organization.


- Becky, CEO, Vestalia Hospitality, Minneapolis

Kimberly and Alison are really good at what they do. They are smart, experienced industry professionals, who bring a thoughtful and unique approach to restaurant consulting. Coming out of the pandemic, we were at a crossroads with our business. Salt & Roe helped us put everything in perspective by focusing on the question of what goals we want to achieve, both personally and as a business. They are terrific listeners and are able to help clients translate complex ideas and emotions into concrete decisions. It was a pleasure to work with them during an incredibly difficult time in our lives, and we emerged from the Program with a clear vision for how we wanted our post-pandemic lives to look.


- Jake Freed, Owner, Shiba Ramen Corporation, Oakland

We didn't simply wait 8 weeks for our deliverables and then walk away to open a hospitality concept. In Salt & Roe's Business Development Program, we acquired life-long tools for creating meaningful work. ESPECIALLY as individuals who lack formal business training, this experience will forever shape our ability to create.


- Max Cattucci, Owner, Bottle Project, West Palm Beach

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