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Our guide collects the experience of 21 highly accomplished entrepreneurs who have stood in your exact shoes, learned valuable lessons about fundraising, and are here to offer you honest perspective, actionable advice, and supportive cheerleading, so you can learn how to get fully funded, just like they did.

Just like you, these restaurateurs went into the process of raising money feeling:

  • Afraid they wouldn’t be able to raise enough money to launch their business
  • Uncomfortable asking for money
  • Nervous that they didn’t have the presentation skills to make a compelling offer to potential investors and banks
  • Like everyone else had this figured out except for them
  • Worried that because they didn’t have a wealthy personal or professional network, they wouldn't be able to raise the funds they needed

And guess what?

Every single one of them overcame intimidation and confidently walked towards the restaurant or food business of their dreams.

  • They learned how to manage their minds around the discomfort of asking for money, and the many, many rejections that are an unskippable part of becoming fully funded. 
  • They found an approach to fundraising that worked for their unique personality, skill set, and strengths. 
  • They invested time and energy into getting crystal clear about their vision and the financial viability of it and then used the right tools and resources to share that clarity with their future funders.

You can too.


The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Funding

After reading our guide to raising money for your food business, you'll go from dreading the process of fundraising to feeling ready to embrace it.

If you want to open a restaurant and you've got no money of your own to do it with, this guide is for you. 

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