We packaged 5 of our best selling resources into the only tool you’ll ever need to open your new restaurant or food business.

Check out the video below to learn how we can guide you through your next steps in the daunting process of opening a food business. You got this! And with our How to Open a Restaurant Toolkit, we got you.


How to Open a Restaurant

Get instant access to the 5 essential tools you need to develop and open an irresistible hospitality concept that generates prosperity and purpose for you, your team, your guests, and your community from day one.

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But you don't have to do it alone.

We offer a self-guided, highly customizable, fully downloadable

How to Open a Restaurant Toolkit

for entrepreneurs looking for professional support to help them develop and launch new hospitality concepts.

And, we don’t want to bury the lead here, it’s less than $1k.

(Yes, you read that right. We coach clients for well over $10k a pop to guide them through our opening process, and now you have access to the very same tools for less than $1,000.)

Our DIY coaching program is like having mentors at your fingertips who have seen it all when it comes to opening restaurants and are here to support you to:

Zoom out and understand the soup to nuts process of opening a profitable, values-based restaurant that's cherished by your community, so you know exactly where you're at and what you need to do to reach the next phase.

Get your vision for your hospitality concept out of your head and onto the page in the form of a comprehensive, professional business plan.

Translate that business plan into a concise, visually stunning pitch deck that will be your #1 resource for recruiting investors, securing bank loans, hiring a team, and identifying the many 3rd party partners you'll need to collaborate with to bring your vision to life.

Create a customized, step-by-step critical path (basically a big, sequenced to-do list) that outlines with easy-to-follow specificity how to get from where you are today to opening day, so there are no gray areas or blind spots to worry about.

Articulate the who, what, why, when, where & how of your vision for the guest experience so you and your team are set up for success in executing consistently from day one.

Ours is truly the only tool you'll ever need to confidently learn How to Open a Restaurant. This self-guided program gives you all the templates, checklists, and resources to launch a profitable, purpose-driven food business of any sort.

FUN FACT: the individual cost of each of the tools in our toolkit adds up to $1,280 to buy them a la carte on our website. If you buy the full toolkit, you’re actually saving about $300 on a business expense you can absolutely write off or reimburse yourself for once you get funded!

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We know our way around an F&B business plan
and geek out on drafting pitch decks.

Alison literally wrote the book on
How to Open a Restaurant!

And now we've assembled all the teachings, templates, and tools we use when coaching our clients in private sessions into the most comprehensive toolkit on the market to walk you through your own opening from the ideation phase, all the way through launch.

Our How to Open a Restaurant Toolkit is a step-by-step, self-guided collection of interactive, highly customizable tools designed to support creators in developing the hospitality businesses of their dreams.

Past clients have used this very same toolkit to open restaurants, coffee shops, catering companies, bars, pizzerias, bed & breakfasts, wine tasting rooms, and even a fresh take on an old world wine storage facility. Here's how it works:

For entrepreneurs seeking to open high-performing, profitable, and purpose-driven F&B concepts

A self-guided coaching program and toolkit available for immediate download, that will teach you the actionable skills you need to articulate a clear and focused vision for your business and your guest experience, get it funded, and start working from a hyper-detailed critical path so you know exactly how to put one foot in front of the other to bring your vision to life

This is a virtual product you'll receive in your inbox when you enroll

You’ll get instant access to our 5 most essential tools for launch.
Opening a restaurant is often a years long process, and you get to set the pace, but if you dedicate yourself to thoughtfully completing each of the tools in our toolkit, we believe you'll be well on your way to opening the doors to the food business of your dreams in 6 months

At Salt & Roe, we believe that profitable, sustainable, purpose-driven F&B businesses make the world a more connected place. Opening a restaurant is hard work, but it shouldn't feel like a mystery. We built this toolkit to give entrepreneurs a strategic plan for openings that our profession was missing

We provide experience-based guidance, robust templates, and sample materials that give you a clear and complete roadmap for getting from where you are now to opening day.

By the end of the program, you will complete a comprehensive Business Plan,
translate it into a visually-compelling Pitch Deck to share with potential investors and strategic partners, create a fully customized, step-by-step launch timeline and task list in your Pre-Opening Critical Path, and draft a bespoke Guide to Hospitality & Service for your unique concept.


Your ticket to get out of overwhelm, write your damn business plan, and get to work packaging, pitching, and launching your hospitality business already!

Resources include:

How to Open a Restaurant eBook

This eBook looks under the hood of the often elusive process of opening a restaurant and shows you the ins and outs from start to finish so you know exactly where you’re headed.

Business Plan

This template, created specifically for hospitality businesses, gives you a complete process for articulating your concept and making a clear case for its viability so that you can pitch it with confidence. It also includes a completed sample business plan generously shared by one of our top clients, so you have a clear vision for what a completed business plan can look like.

Pitch Deck

This plug-andplay template will help you create a sexy, visually compelling pitch deck so you can skip hiring a fancy designer (save the $$$), and come to the table with investors, banks, and potential partners with pride. It also includes a completed sample pitch deck generously shared by one of our cherished clients, so you have a clear vision for what a completed pitch deck can look like.

Pre-Opening Critical Path

This spreadsheet takes all the mystery out of sequencing your opening timeline and guides you toward the steps you need to take to launch a successful business, so you can stop stressing out about what you might be missing, forgetting, or simply don’t know because you haven’t done this before. (Don’t worry—we’ve done it dozens of times, and we’re excited to show you how!)

Guide to Hospitality & Service

This template gives you a way to externalize your vision for the guest experience and how you expect your team to deliver it, alongside tons of our own pre-written suggestions based on countless successful openings for you to borrow from—so you feel 100% ready to execute at the highest level and get golden guest reviews on day one.

Combined, these resources are the equivalent of having a
Director of Operations, a hospitality consultant, a leadership coach, a copywriter, and a graphic designer in your pocket,
pulling back the curtain on the process that some of the most successful and awarded restaurants in the world use to develop new businesses.


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We intimately understand and appreciate that these early entrepreneurial phases when you’re refining your idea and preparing to raise money are the ones where you need the most support and…
you have the least amount of cash to invest in it.

Opening a food business can often feel like a chicken & egg dilemma, but our How to Open a Restaurant Toolkit nips that problem in the bud.

In this one investment (that you can and should write off as a business expense!), you’ll save money you would have otherwise spent buying a bunch of fluff courses that aren’t tailored to our profession and just don’t tell you what you need to know.

And you’ll save the time (months or even years) you would’ve spent spinning out in overwhelm, trying to figure out the next step forward, once you see the path we’ve paved for you.

We truly do believe ours is the only tool you'll ever need to take you from lost to launch when it comes to opening your next hospitality concept.

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You might not realize how much going it alone is costing you. We hear from restaurateurs all the time who’ve told us they wasted months or even years, dragging their feet on writing a business plan or getting the money together to take next steps toward opening their own spot. 

Lots of us hospitality people feel super confident in our performance on the line or on the floor, but when it comes to making a business case for why our restaurant ideas need to be realized…not so confident. 

We get stuck in back of napkin math and menu ideas we’re happy to share with our colleagues over a post-shift beer, but have too much self-doubt to get the thoughts that are swirling around inside our heads onto paper. 

We can’t conceive of raising the hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of dollars it might take to get a restaurant open today; we feel like imposters at owning a business, let alone writing a business plan.

Some of us were never any good at school and the idea of drafting a 20 page document outlining the details for our new venture sounds like a test we can’t pass that keeps us spinning our wheels, or worse, convinces us to give up on the idea before ever even trying.

And when that happens, we’re not only closing the doors to the restaurant and the work and the calling we’ve been pining after, we’re closing the doors to what’s possible for our future. 

Then we feel stuck, alone, and defeated.

I wonder if any of this sounds familiar to you? 

If it does, we know how to help you...

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