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We coach some of the most successful hospitality leaders in the business. Full stop. If you’re wondering if our services are what you need to join this esteemed list, check out each of the three ways these hospitality leaders worked with us.

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Crate & Barrel

Business Development

“Ultimately, retail is hospitality. The connection between people and the moments that matter truly bring a brand to life and drive sustaining value. When I envisioned a unifying, multi-channel hospitality experience for our family of brands, I turned to Kimberly. As our VP of Hospitality, Kimberly assembled an all-star team from Salt & Roe and Union Square Hospitality Group to vision a path forward with our internal stakeholders. Alison's wisdom is exceptional, and together, she and Kimberly led the development of in-store experiential concepts that extended online and fit our brands perfectly. Kimberly and Alison are incredibly talented, passionate, and committed professionals and people. I hope I'm lucky enough to work with them again.”

— Doug Diemoz, former CEO of the Crate & Barrel brands

Daniel Boulud

Business Development

“Alison has both the strength and dedication to run a dining room, but her greatest talent lies in developing and opening restaurants – she was a vital part of the pre-opening team of several of our locations and I could always depend on her acumen and loyalty to see the project through to successful completion. For that reason, I hired Salt & Roe to guide the development of my forthcoming restaurant, Le Pavillon, opening in 2021 inside of One Vanderbilt in New York City.”

— Daniel Boulud, Chef-Owner, Daniel Boulud Restaurant Group, New York, NY

Noe Valley Bakery

Business Development

“I have hired Salt & Roe twice and have been beyond impressed with their work both times. The first time I hired them to revamp my training program, but they quickly went beyond just training, looked at my whole operation and came up with a very comprehensive plan for my company to move forward. They provided me with very valuable insights way beyond the initial scope of our work. The second time we worked on adding hospitality training to my program and again, I was blown away with their presentation and plans. Alison and Kimberly put everything they have into each project and each client. I believe that I have gotten benefits way beyond my investment with them and highly recommend their work to anyone wanting to improve their business. They will forever be a part of the Noe Valley Bakery family.”

— Mary Gassen, President, Noe Valley Bakery, San Francisco, CA

The Harvey House

Leadership Development

“Owning and opening a restaurant pulls on just about every skill set imaginable. Salt & Roe offers a unique blend of confidence building and coaching that was hugely important in our process. Both the virtual and in-person time spent with Alison was integral to our pre-opening planning and my own personal leadership development. We went into the relationship thinking we needed one thing, and came out with that knowledge but also so much more finessed strategy and clarity.”

— Shaina Robbins Papach, The Harvey House, Madison, WI


Business Development

"I had the pleasure of working with Alison during our 2019 relaunch. After 5 years on my culinary journey and 1 year into my time as an owner, I knew this evolution would determine the fate of my career and there was incredible pressure to perform with little error. From the moment I brought Alison on, I knew she would help us overcome the unique challenges we were facing. During our meetings, she was attentive to my personal concerns and insecurities and through a comprehensive approach, Alison gave me the language and clarity to describe the purpose, vision and values that define Besharam. Salt & Roe has given soul to my restaurant and our approach to the guest experience.”

— Heena Patel, Chef-Owner, Besharam, San Francisco, CA

Traci Des Jardins

Leadership & Business Development

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Alison in two different restaurants with very different styles of service and guest expectations. In both cases she brought forth her considerable experience and high standards to help us improve in all areas of our program. Her methods and organizational ability are exceptional, her observations are insightful, her materials impeccable and her demeanor disarming in situations which can sometimes be challenging for consultants. There is huge value to her services and I recommend her without reservation.”

— Traci Des Jardins, Chef-Owner, TDJ Restaurants, San Francisco, CA

DMP Hospitality Group

Leadership & Business Development

“How does one begin to describe in words the positive professional change that has occurred since our work began with Kimberly Belle and Alison Arth of Salt & Roe? It’s hard to do, but a few words I can share are: unwavering support, compassion, industry expertise and hospitality curators.

As a team, Salt & Roe has the ability to articulate thoughts, ideas and dreams in partnership with their clients with ease and creativity, and we have found their work to be irreplaceable. We have completed the initial phase of our new project slated for opening and are excited to continue on our personal and professional journey with Salt & Roe.”

— Tillie and David Pan, Co-Owners, DMP Hospitality, Orange Beach, AL

Gavin Kaysen

Leadership & Business Development

“When it came to building my first restaurant, Spoon and Stable, I reflected on what makes the most successful places both the best spots to work at and eat at. For me, it all comes down to taking care of your employees and guests, offering them a structure and a culture that everyone can be proud to be a part of everyday. When I thought about who the best person to help me do that would be, I only thought of Alison. Alison has a direct connection to people that you do not find often and that combined with her incredible knowledge of this industry, really helped me build my culture for Spoon and Stable. She helped me and my team create systems that we continue to use everyday. She helped build our foundation.”

— Gavin Kaysen, Chef-Owner, Soigné Hospitality Group, Minneapolis, MN


How to Open a Restaurant

“When OpenTable decided to publish a guide on how to open a restaurant, there was no question in my mind that Alison be the one to write it. Her hands-on experience with some of the best restaurateurs and groups in the industry gives her unparalleled expertise, not to mention a wide network of valuable connections. But what truly sets Alison apart are her graciousness and empathy; her unfaltering professionalism in every circumstance; and her deep, sincere passion for hospitality. She is creative, conscientious, and inspiring — a tremendous asset to any project.”

— Olivia Terenzio, Content Marketing Manager, OpenTable

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