Writing a business plan is the equivalent of a restaurateur doing their homework.

Drafting this essential document is the unavoidable thought work you must do to collect all the assets, ideas, and brand pieces you’ll need to:

  1. Prove that your concept is financially viable
  2. Give yourself the confidence you’ll need to find funding for it
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This is the key to unlocking your pitch.

And we’re gonna be blunt.

Writing a business plan isn’t sexy. It isn’t easy, and for a lot of us, it isn’t even fun.

That’s why we made you this tool.

Salt & Roe's Business Plan Template was created specifically for hospitality businesses like yours.

We've done a lot of the heavy lifting for you
by including templated text that can be adapted for your specific concept (so you're not starting from scratch) and clear instructions for how to edit this document to make it your own.

If you know you need a brilliant business plan, but feel overwhelmed by writing one or don’t know where to start, this is the tool that will support you in putting one foot in front of the other with clarity and confidence.

Are you ready to take another step in the direction of your dreams?

For $295 you’ll get the very same bundle of Business Plan tools we’ve used to help dozens of clients get their new concepts funded, built, and open for business.

Let’s get down to Business

Together, our Business Plan and Pitch Deck tools make the perfect pair.

They prime you for being in the room where it happens and getting your business idea fully funded!

You’ll go from feeling insecure about what to say, why your business matters, and how much money EXACTLY you need to borrow to get it off the ground, to speaking with the confidence of a business leader whose already done their homework and is certain of the value their company stands to bring their community and their investors.

With our Business Plan Bundle, you’ll learn…

  • WHAT is a business plan? An internal-facing written document that describes the experiential, conceptual, financial, operational, and structural objectives for a business (most often a new one) and the strategies for achieving them.
  • WHEN to write a business plan? It’s never too early to begin the iterative, creative, and sobering process of writing a business plan, but we recommend completing your business plan at least 12-24 months before you hope to open your doors.
  • WHY do you need a business plan? You’ll get clearer about what your concept is (and what it’s not), whether it’s a viable business, what resources you’ll realistically need in order to bring it to life, and how long the process will take to do so.
  • WHO is a business plan for? First and foremost, business plans are guiding lights for business leaders, but entrepreneurs often share the data-rich content of a formal business plan with potential investors, management teams, strategic partners, contractors, real estate agents…the list goes on!
  • HOW to get started? Drafting your business plan is a critical first step towards opening a successful hospitality business. We’ll walk you step-by-step through our plug-and-play template which will become the basis for the distilled, visually striking pitch deck you’ll share externally after outlining your business idea in our comprehensive planning process.
I’m Ready to Write My Business Plan!

But we know what you’re thinking…

So what do I get for investing $295 in this business planning process?

Peace of mind.

Confidence in your numbers, and clarity in your pitch.

Our Business Plan Bundle includes:

  1. A comprehensive PDF guide that explains what this tool should be used for, exactly how to customize it for your business, and suggestions for other supportive pre-opening resources based on our decades of experience opening successful hospitality businesses
  2. An editable, interactive Google Document that will serve as a template complete with detailed instructions and tips for writing a badass business plan
  1. A completed sample business plan generously shared by clients who followed this very same process to fund their hospitality concept. We hope you find it to be a supportive reference tool and an inspiration for what's possible as you begin to build your own.

We’ll hold your hand as you draft a dozen different chapters in this detailed report that can easily take over 20 pages of text-heavy copy to write and well-researched data to collect in one undeniably impressive document. You’ll write about your:

  • Target Market
  • Competitive Research
  • Statements of Intent
  • Food & Beverage
  • Operations & Service Model
  • Hospitality Program
  • Design
  • Opening Timeline
  • Team
  • Marketing & PR Strategy
  • Investment Terms
  • Appendix
Badass Business Plans Here

Curious about our template but not sure if it’s worth shelling out $295 on a Google doc?

You don't have to take our word for it! Here's what some of our clients had to say about working with our Business Plan Template:

There is a difference between a business plan and pitch deck, 
and they both serve important purposes.“

Your business plan is where you do your homework as an entrepreneur, and where you need to get really clear about whether your vision and the financials that support it add up to a profitable business. This work is important for the future success of the business, and it's also what will give you the confidence to pitch
because you know this thing will work."

"Your pitch deck is the document that will allow future investors and partners to step inside your mind and really see your vision. For me, once I've created a deck, it's like the train has left the station and I know that business is going to happen. Having a structured pitch deck template like this one will help you get onto paper what you've been ruminating on for so long. Holding that back can be dangerous, and honestly, a waste of time.” 

“Most people dream of building something of their own, which is why you are reading this today. The longer you wait to do it, the more energy you'll spend talking yourself out of creating what you've set out to create."

Gavin Kaysen
CEO & Owner of Soignè Hospitality Group in Minneapolis

“These tools gave our business wings!

Our catering company had been in business for over 20 years before we crafted a business plan and pitch deck using Salt & Roe’s templates. As we arrived at a new chapter to scale Tastings and innovate the way we do business, we realized our expansion plans were just an idea, a musing, a someday dream. After using Salt & Roe’s tools to flesh out a clear vision, develop a strong business case for growth, and package it into a glossy deck we felt proud to put in front of bankers, investors and colleagues, we had an actual blueprint for expanding our business.

Alexandra Morris
Founder of Tastings Catering in NYC + SoFlo

“This is not just another list of pre-opening activities.
Having used many restaurant business plan templates in the past it was refreshing to come across one with a different point of view. The Business Plan Bundle from Salt & Roe provides a strategic approach to developing a differentiated concept and presenting a compelling business case as to why the concept will succeed.” 

Stephen Van Note
COO of RBM Restaurant Group in New York City

Ok, I’m ready to start!

Just like you, these hospitality leaders started with a nugget of an idea and a belly full of anxiety, doubting their ability to…

  • Craft a compelling business case for why someone should invest in their new concept
  • Write a 20+ page report detailing that business case
  • Express their individual point of view for the business, the menu, the service model, and why any of it matters
  • Know their numbers inside and out and be ready to ask after exactly what they need and what ROI they can promise investors
  • Confidently walk toward opening the doors to the restaurant or hospitality business they’ve been dreaming of after years of tossing their idea like a pizza pie, waiting for it to land

Listen, if you already have a business plan, take a bow 👏

You’ve already gotten further in this entrepreneurial process than most people ever will. Most people never get out of the idea phase to actually put pen to paper and architect a road map to realizing their dreams.

But if you’re still reading this, we’re guessing that’s not you…yet.

You still have more work to do to understand your idea, convince yourself why it will work, and then translate that argument into a pitch you make to the people who are gonna help you get there.

Writing your business plan is the 1st and most formidable step in that process.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

You got this, and we got you.

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