A Pitch Deck is the single most valuable tool you need to raise money to launch your hospitality business.

Check out the video below where we share why you need a Pitch Deck and how to save boatloads of money, time, and mind drama as you build yours!

Gimme that Deck

When you’re pitching for investment, you’re gonna get a lot of No’s. That’s normal, and is an unskippable part of the pitching process that will ultimately support you in refining your pitch and growing your confidence.

But you don’t have to just rely on the slow learning process of rejection to get ahead.

Most pitches fail because they aren’t clear or compelling enough to make an indisputable business case for why your restaurant or hospitality concept deserves to exist in the world. 

And because you’re not (YET!) confident enough to make that argument.

It’s hard to write a Pitch Deck that conveys the magic your business will bring to your community while extending a direct invitation to strategic partners on what they stand to gain from investing in you.

We can help you with that.

You may have called on your high school computer skills, tried your hand at using Canva to hobble together a deck that passes for professional, or looked into the cost of hiring a graphic designer only to realize that their support is way out of financial reach during this scrappy pre-opening stage.

We can help you with that too.

We created a comprehensive, plug-and-play Pitch Deck Template that you can fully edit and make your own in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

It’s beautiful, easy to use, and it tells you exactly
WHAT you need to share and HOW you need to share it.

Our $95 Pitch Deck Toolset… 

(Yes, you heard that right…we’re offering a tool that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars to hire a designer to create for less than a hundred bucks) 

…includes 3 pitch-tested, instantly accessible resources. Here’s what you get:

  1. A comprehensive PDF guide that explains what a Pitch Deck should be used for, exactly how to customize it for your project, when to implement it, and suggestions for other supportive pre-opening resources based on our decades of experience opening successful hospitality businesses.
  2. An editable, interactive Google Slides document (that can also be used in PowerPoint) will serve as your Pitch Deck template, complete with detailed instructions and tips for designing and copywriting a brilliant deck.
  1. A completed sample pitch deck generously shared by one of our most treasured clients. We know you’ll find it to be a supportive reference tool and an inspiration for what's possible as you begin to build your own. And, it’ll chase away all those nasty thoughts that sound like “Am I doing this right??”
I want in!

With our template, you’ll learn how to…

Create a fully customized, hand-tailored pitch deck that looks expensive but costs you less than the bottle of bubbles you’ll uncork when you get your damn restaurant funded 🥂

Finally feel confident in the art of the pitch, leaning on the sexy, savvy, digital calling card you built to do the heavy lifting of presenting an executive summary of your business plan for you

Free up your time and mental energy to focus on building authentic connection with your prospective investors and partners

Channel your vision for the distinctive food business you’ve been dreaming of for years now and haven’t yet been able to capture on paper

Curious about our toolset but not sure if it’s worth shelling out $95 on a Google doc?

You don't have to take our word for it!
Here's what our clients had to say about working with our Pitch Deck Toolset:

"Salt & Roe's approach to creating our pitch deck took the guesswork out of the process and made it easy to translate the who, what, how, why, and when of what I was seeking to create.”

“I could see and feel the vision for Le Pavillon so clearly in my mind, but getting that vision out onto the page in a way that our stakeholders, team, and partners could understand and see along with me was a whole different story."

“I would recommend this resource to anyone who has a vision, and needs support communicating it to others with confidence and clarity."

Daniel Boulud
Chef / Owner of The Dinex Group worldwide

"The pitch deck we created from Salt & Roe's template is clean, polished, and professional." 

"I can't tell you how well received and effective this document has been when presenting to interested partners. It lays out our concept in a logical and attractive way that makes sense and looks awesome." 

"Alison and Kimberly did a lot of work to make it easy to plug-and-play. "

"Using this tool is pretty much as simple as it gets."

Max Catucci
Co-Owner of Wine Key Storage in West Palm Beach

The Salt & Roe Pitch Deck Toolset gave me a launching pad and the structure that I needed to get my project off the ground."

"As someone who has spent my 20+ year career living and breathing all things restaurant, I had a hard time knowing where to start when I decided to open my first restaurant on my own.” 

“The template provided extensive detail that ranged from presentation and design to purpose statement, financials, and site specifications, among many other specifics. What I personally found the most helpful was having a sample pitch deck to work from and use as a guide while creating a deck that was truly my own.”

One of the most profound benefits of creating my pitch deck was that the process allowed me to refine my vision and gain confidence in my plan."

"Every restaurant opening is different, and whether you are looking for private investment, SBA funding, or you are self-funded, I strongly believe that creating a pitch deck is not only a helpful, but necessary process. I am endlessly grateful that Salt & Roe gave me the guidance to get my now successfully opened restaurant started with clarity, structure and confidence.”

Jeanie Janas Ritter
Co-Owner & Hospitality Director at Bucheron in Minneapolis

I’m Ready to Create My Pitch Deck

So obviously, you wanna open a restaurant or food business. 

Maybe you’ve started talking to your colleagues, family, and friends about your vision. 

Maybe you’ve even started gently exploring whether those same people would be interested in investing in your restaurant. 

If you have, I bet you’ve already heard someone say the 4 most common words you’ll hear in your fundraising process….

“Send me your deck.”

Whether you’re hoping to secure a small business bank loan, or you’re planning to seek private investment from your network and community, the first thing everyone will ask for is your Pitch Deck.

What the heck is a pitch deck?!

If it’s not already clear by now, allow us to get granular…

A pitch deck is a visually driven executive summary of your concept.

It distills your vision down to its most essential components and adds color to it with inspirational images, graphics, and brand touch points that together, bring your forthcoming restaurant or hospitality concept to life.

This is mandatory work for any entrepreneur who is seeking funding from external sources (meaning, anywhere other than your own bank account).

Your pitch deck will almost always be the first document you share with internal and external stakeholders to whom you’re looking to offer a clear and comprehensive understanding of the business you’re building.

This audience may include potential investors as you work to get your business off the ground, and later on, this same document will be an excellent tool for recruiting your opening leadership team, strategic partners, and anyone else charged with bringing a piece of your vision from the idea phase into operational reality, like say a designer or real estate agent.

But first and foremost, creating a strong pitch deck is a gift…

…you give yourself!

It will allow you to easefully and confidently explain your concept to every audience without having to rely on your memory, or your particular energy level that day. 

Utilizing this tool whenever you’re describing your business to someone else for the first time ensures that you communicate clearly, thoroughly, and consistently so you don’t have to worry about forgetting critical details. 

It will support you in keeping whoever you’re pitching engaged and excited about your project because you’ve already thought in advance about what’s most important to share and how you want to share it. 

Creating a strong pitch deck is the first step in building trust and confidence with potential investors by demonstrating thoughtful preparation, professional polish, and skillful communication.

So many first time entrepreneurs skip this absolutely critical step because in addition to being informative, it’s important that your pitch deck is beautiful. 

 And, if your dream is to open a restaurant, you’re probably not a professional graphic designer.

Hiring a designer—even if it’s someone in your network who’s willing to give you a juicy discount—can cost thousands of dollars.

The good news?

We got you.

As former owners, operators, and hospitality executives, we’ve collectively opened more than 35 hospitality concepts and coached dozens more clients to do the same…some Mom & Pops, some James Beard award winners, some both!

We’ve been paid thousands of dollars a pop to craft Pitch Decks just as slick as the one you can download today for just $95 by clicking the button below.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can lighten your leadership load.

When you invest in our Pitch Deck Toolset you get over 2 decades of our experience helping hospitality professionals package, pitch, and open their restaurants and food businesses to the world.

Let us help you lead.

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