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Guide, Template & Sample | Guide to Hospitality and Service


At Salt & Roe, we believe the highest purpose of drafting a Guide to Hospitality & Service is twofold:

  • First, creating this tool demands that business leaders get clear and aligned around what successful guest interactions look and feel like, and how exactly they intend for their team to create them.
  • Second, this tool offers a comprehensive resource for all team members to understand the underlying purpose and values of the organization they’re committed to, who leads the organization, a vision of the optimal guest experience they’re striving for in every interaction, and a detailed roadmap for achieving that goal (primarily for front of house team members).

We encourage all hospitality business owners to do this foundational work whether they’re on the brink of opening something new or have been in business for months or even years. Articulating clear expectations of team members is a crucial and necessary step in being able to hold folks accountable from a place of trust.


  • A comprehensive PDF Guide that explains what this tool should be used for, exactly how to customize it for your business, and suggestions for other supportive resources we recommend based on our decades of experience opening successful hospitality concepts.
  • An editable, interactive Google Document that will serve as a template complete with detailed instructions and tips for writing a comprehensive and actionable guide to how you want your team to deliver the technical service and emotional hospitality that makes up your unique guest experience.
  • A completed sample Guide to Hospitality and Service generously shared by one of our most treasured clients. We hope you find it to be a supportive reference tool and an inspiration for what's possible as you begin to build your own tool.