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How to Open a Restaurant Toolkit


Opening a hospitality business is hard. Like, really hard. Salt & Roe has contributed to over 50 successful restaurant openings and we've learned that while there is no formulaic process or silver bullet that guarantees positive results, there are tools you can utilize, best practices to follow, and resources to lean on that will greatly increase your likelihood of success and make the process far more enjoyable along the way. This complete Toolkit is a collection of 5 of our most popular pre-opening resources; they are the very same tools we use when coaching our clients in private sessions. Combined, these resources are the equivalent of having a Director of Operations, a hospitality consultant, a leadership coach, a copywriter, and a graphic designer in your back pocket while you embark on one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of your life. Opening a hospitality business is hard, but you don't have to go it alone.


  • How to Open a Restaurant eBook: The first and only modern guide to opening a restaurant, our eBook was created in partnership with 26 renowned Chefs and restaurateurs all over the globe. This comprehensive resource takes you through critical topics like How to Write a Business Plan, How to Fund Your Restaurant, How to Identify Locations & Negotiate Your Lease, How to Build & Train Your Team, and How to Create Buzz. Our eBook includes invaluable bonus content like a sample Profit & Loss Statement, an in-depth look at Licenses and Permits, and vulnerable interviews with award-winning Chefs who want to share their mistakes so that you don't have to make them.
  • Business Plan Template: Salt & Roe's Business Plan Template was created specifically for hospitality businesses. We've done a lot of the lifting for you by including templated text that can be adapted for your specific concept, so you're not starting from scratch, and clear instructions for how to edit this Business Plan and make it your own. If you're looking to write a brilliant business plan, but feel overwhelmed by starting, this is the tool that will support you in putting one foot in front of the other with clarity and confidence.
  • Pitch Deck Template: Our Pitch Deck Template is clean, professional, polished, and incredibly easy to use, even for the least tech-savvy folks among us. For new businesses, this is an essential tool for distilling your business plan down to its most essential components in a colorful, design-forward way that paints a compelling picture of what you're seeking to create. Your pitch deck will almost always be the first document shared with internal and external stakeholders to whom you’re looking to offer a comprehensive understanding of the business you’re building. This audience may include potential investors, leadership team members you’re hoping to recruit, strategic partners, and anyone else charged with bringing a piece of your vision to life. Our template supports you in putting your best foot forward, and also includes a sample pitch deck from one of our most beloved clients as a reference tool and inspiration for what's possible as you go about creating your own deck.
  • Pre-Opening Critical Path Template: This interactive, editable spreadsheet gives you a complete map from where you are today all the way through opening day. Opening a restaurant is an extraordinarily complicated endeavor, filled with time-sensitive and interrelated tasks that rely on the coordinated effort of many internal and external stakeholders to successfully complete. Salt & Roe’s Pre-Opening Critical Path breaks this long-term commitment down into bite-sized pieces by outlining each action item, indicating how the pre-opening process is typically sequenced, providing a centralized place to track assigned tasks and deadlines, while offering a complete overview of the status of your project and reducing overwhelm by making this many-phased process clear and concrete.
  • Guide to Hospitality and Service Template: Creating a Guide to Hospitality and Service creates a space for business leaders to get clear and aligned around what successful guest interactions look and feel like, and how you intend for your team to create them. Our Template offers a comprehensive resource for all team members to understand the underlying purpose and values of the organization they’re committed to, who leads the organization, a vision of the optimal guest experience they’re striving for in every interaction, and a detailed roadmap for achieving that goal (primarily for front of house team members). Like our Business Plan and Pitch Deck templates, we offer a ton of templated text that can be tweaked to fit your specific vision and voice. We also include a sample Guide to Hospitality and Service to support you in creating your own as you seek to deliver consistently outstanding guest experiences from day one.


This resource is for anyone who is seeking to open or grow a high-performing, profitable, and purpose-driven hospitality business.