Salt is the fundamental ingredient in cooking. A chef can buy the highest quality ingredients and spend hours preparing and perfecting each one, but without salt a dish just won’t taste right. We feel the same way when it comes to establishing a clear, communicable culture. A restaurant can have incredible talent, an unlimited budget and a beautiful space, but without a solid foundation, supported by systems and training, it won’t reach its full potential. We believe it is crucial to make that initial pre-opening investment in order to set up a business for success.



Roe is Alison’s mother’s last name; she is an extraordinary woman and exemplary chef. For many years Ruth Roe ran a bed and breakfast, raising her children with a true love of service, hospitality and genuine connections (not to mention food). Ruth’s warm welcomes, adventurous spirit, and passion for truly taking care of people instilled in Alison a deep love of the hospitality industry, and inspired the creation of this company.