Salt is fundamental. A chef can buy the highest quality ingredients and spend hours perfecting each one, but without salt any dish will fall flat. We feel the same way when it comes to building brands and opening new concepts. A restaurant can have incredible talent and an unlimited budget; a retailer can land a prime location outfitted with an impressive assortment, but without seasoning retail shops with experiential concepts and rooting hospitality ventures in solid systems, cultures and operations, neither will reach their full potential. We believe it is crucial to invest in fundamentals to set up your business for success.



Roe is personal. And is Alison’s mother’s last name; an extraordinary woman and exemplary chef, Ruth Roe ran a bed and breakfast in San Francisco for many years, raising her children with a true love of service, hospitality and genuine connections (not to mention food). Ruth’s warm welcomes, adventurous spirit, and passion for truly taking care of people instilled in Alison a deep love of the hospitality industry and inspired the creation of this company. At Salt & Roe we take our work personally, writing every business plan, training every team, building every dream as if it were our own.