Ultimately, retail is hospitality. The connection between people and the moments that matter truly bring a brand to life and drive sustaining value. When I envisioned a multi-channel brand experience, I turned to Alison. She is an incredibly talented, passionate, and committed professional and person. She quickly learned the retail business, visioned a path forward with the team, and developed in-store experiential concepts that fit our brands perfectly. She created extremely indepth training materials and trained our associates with absolute excellence. She also worked exceptionally well with other external and internal stakeholders to extend the in-store vision to an online touch point in a way that was truly unique. Alison’s wisdom is remarkable and I hope I’m lucky enough to work with her again.
— Doug Diemoz, former CEO of the Crate & Barrel brands
When it came to building my restaurant, I reflected on what makes the most successful places both the best spots to work at and eat at. For me, it all comes down to taking care of your employees and guests, offering them a structure and a culture that everyone can be proud to be a part of everyday. When I thought about who the best person to help me do that would be, I only thought of Alison Arth. Alison has a direct connection to people that you do not find often and that combined with her incredible knowledge of this industry, really helped me build my culture for Spoon and Stable. She helped me and my team build systems that we continue to use everyday. She helped build our foundation.
— Gavin Kaysen, Chef-Owner, Spoon and Stable, Minneapolis, MN
Alison has both the strength and dedication to run a dining room, but her biggest strength lies in opening restaurants – she was a vital part of the pre-opening team of several of our locations. I could always depend on her acumen and loyalty to see the project through.
— Daniel Boulud, Chef-Owner, The Dinex Group, New York, NY
I had the distinct pleasure of working with Alison in two different restaurants with very different styles of service and guest expectations. In both cases she brought forth her considerable experience and high standards to help us improve in all areas of our program. Her methods and organizational ability are exceptional, her observations are insightful, her materials impeccable and her demeanor disarming in situations which can sometimes be challenging for consultants. There is huge value to her services and I recommend her without reservation.
— Traci Des Jardins, Chef-Owner, TDJ Restaurants, San Francisco, CA
From the moment I met Kimberly it quickly became apparent that she has incredible expertise in so many areas that were a perfect match for launching my community handcrafting business. Hospitality, retail, copywriting, marketing, business strategy, private event planning...the list goes on. During our “discovery” meetings she listened intently while I talked about The Makery and then beautifully articulated what I had just said in a few short sentences. I knew at that moment that Kimberly is a superb listener and communicator. What I didn’t yet know is that she is also flexible, always willing and able to shift gears as the business demands. She is a wonderful writer, taking my mediocre marketing materials and web content from good to great. Kimberly is professional, smart and creative. She is also incredibly approachable and reliable; I never once worried about the status of any of her deliverables. I hired Kimberly to not only make suggestions and offer up new ideas but to actually execute on the tasks at hand to take work off my plate. Having done exactly that, my business is in a much better position thanks to Kimberly’s expertise, guidance and support. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Jane Watson, Owner, The Makery, Mill Valley, California
When OpenTable decided to publish a guide on how to open a restaurant, there was no question in my mind that Alison be the one to write it. Her hands-on experience with some of the best restaurateurs and groups in the industry gives her unparalleled expertise, not to mention a wide network of valuable connections. But what truly sets Alison apart are her graciousness and empathy; her unfaltering professionalism in every circumstance; and her deep, sincere passion for hospitality. She is creative, conscientious, and inspiring — a tremendous asset to any project.
— Olivia Terenzio, Content Marketing Manager, OpenTable
Alison helped me open Eastside Eat and Drink. Her work, leadership and knowledge help set the culture for our restaurant. Opening a restaurant is a daunting process and she has figured out the science. Management and the whole staff were very sad to see her go, which is part of the reason we’ve already engaged her to come back in several months to make sure we’re still executing. I can say unequivocally that we’ll be using her for other openings as well as periodic visits.
— Ryan Burnet, Owner, Eastside Eat and Drink, Minneapolis, MN
We engaged Alison and her firm for services to observe and train a five star staff on somewhat of a short notice for an upcoming re-launch and re-positioning of a highly recognized restaurant along with its significant banquet and catering facility located in a major Midwest City. The challenge given to Alison was to immediately observe, then re-train, then have that same staff prepare and open the facilities for a multi- million dollar re-launch all within a very short period of time.

Not only did Alison meet and exceed our expectation with the assignment, she took a staff that formerly had no training, no motivation, no direction, no leadership, no accountability, and basically just did not care about their job or their future other than receiving their pay check and made them into a caring staff that pulled off a flawless opening.
— William Howell, HAI Advisors LLC
As of today, Vast is in the top 10 on Trip Advisor for the first time. September-December 2016 at Vast were our first ever profitable months. Thank you for all you did for us; I especially enjoyed getting to know her and having the opportunity to work directly with her.
— Klay Kimker, Vice President, Devon Energy, Oklahoma City, OK
Alison is one of the most dedicated and committed professionals I have encountered in my 30-year career. Her clients’ success is her number one objective and she does everything in her power to achieve it. She embodies every principle of hospitality and leads by example...raising the level of quality throughout her environment. Alison has the rare ability to communicate both orally and in writing in a very clear and effective manner. In so many ways she is the beacon for everyone to follow when a company’s path needs illumination.
— Suzan Canli, Manager of General Partner, The Battery, San Francisco, CA
Alison really took the time and effort to understand our business so she could customize our style of service and improve our guest experience. In addition to hands on training, we now also have the written materials every restaurant needs to consistently maintain the highest levels of service. Her work ethic is amazing, which also trained by example.
— Chef Kurt Fleischfresser, Director of Operations, Vast & V2, Oklahoma City, OK